New deferred payment trend ‘Care Now, Pay Later’ conquers the world!

Publication date: 07 2023

Consumers, including those in Poland, are becoming increasingly familiar with innovative forms of payment.

The BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) trend is already well known to everyone, but currently the deferred payment market is being conquered by the CNPL (take care now, pay later) trend.

Deferred payments have taken over the Polish market, not only for online and offline commerce, but also for the financing of medical and aesthetic services.

CNPL financing services enable consumers to access a range of services, including medical services, that were previously often unaffordable for them, or they simply did not want to use their household budget to finance treatments that were not ‘essential’.

More and more consumers are recognising the affordability and convenience of such services, and clinic and practice owners recognise that in order to grow, it is necessary to introduce a third, innovative payment option to meet patients’ expectations and needs.

Medical facilities recognise that currently the biggest barrier to using and purchasing selected treatment packages is finance, namely the scarcity of finances.

And this is where the CNPL trend enters the picture, with the intention of introducing deferred payment or convenient instalments to medical facilities.

Research clearly shows that the majority of consumers who have used a deferred payment service then return to them, valuing in these payments the fact that with unexpected expenses for treatments, they do not have to break their household budget.

Compiled from LM PAY S.A.’s Linkedin profile

Compiled by: Natalia Jamrozik