Our history

The history of today’s Company dates back to 2010, when Jakub Czarzasty, the current CEO, was a guest speaker at a congress of dental implantologists. There, listening to specialists speak, he saw one of the key obstacles hampering the development of modern implantology in Poland - the high one-off costs of procedures for patients. Another barrier was the lack of willingness and competence of doctors to have effective conversations with patients about these costs, which was raised in behind-the-scenes interviews. It was then that the idea of creating a solution that would alleviate or eliminate both of these problems was ignited. The behind-the-scenes discussions yielded an enthusiastic vision that immediately met with widespread approval from congress participants and became a milestone for the Company today.


The decision was taken to focus on this market area, creating solutions that are immediately assessed by professionals and patients - the test of the market. Month by month, our reach has increased year by year. With no home-grown competition or other benchmarks, we created and tested a number of complementary solutions to respond even more effectively to the needs of clinics and their patients. At the end of the day, it is not just money, although we are in the financial industry, it is not just technology that is the source of our success. The specific people who made up and form the LM PAY S.A. team stand behind it and are its most valuable ‚capital’. It is only through extremely passionate, motivated and mutually respectful people that we are able to build trust with patients, partners and investors. They are the champions of our company and its position in the market.

This is our story. A story about the people who, together with their abilities and commitment, are the key to our success. United, growing and creating, we are building a future in which our Company flourishes and is a source of joy for us, value for our Partners and their customers.

  • 2010

    • Under the banner of Ratalnie.com, we conclude the first instalment loan agreements for implant treatment with patients, hand-written on a few sheets of paper.
    • We are entering into our first partnership agreement with an implant clinic.
  • 2011

    • We provided funding to the 100th Patient.
    • From the initial contact to the signing of the Contract, an average of 5 working days is needed.
  • 2012

    We are developing the financing of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery services – interest in this type of service is growing rapidly in Poland.

  • 2013

    • We are developing an instalment financing system under the MediRaty brand.
    • The first 1,000 cooperating facilities, the majority being dental clinics.
  • 2017

    The financing system is already available in 5 000 surgeries, clinics and hospitals in Poland.

  • 2018

    • More than 60% of the services we fund are dental-related.
    • The second most frequently funded category of services is aesthetic medicine.
  • 2019

    • The PayDent deferred and instalment payment system (now MediPay) is being established.
    • The first veterinary clinics are starting to use our system.
    • The number of patients we help to pay for services by instalments exceeds 5,000.
  • 2020

    • We are starting to implement PayPlus (now MediPay) deferred and instalment payment systems in the aesthetic clinics we work with.
    • The number of loans granted exceeded 10,000.
  • 2021

    • Deferred payment using a smartphone takes 45 sec.
    • Our services have been used by 20,000 people.
    • We are …pandemic-proof.
  • 2022

    • We are crossing the 10,000 cooperating outlets mark.
    • Throughout the year, we made 40,000 loans.
  • 2023

    • “We are changing for spring”. – our services are undergoing a rebranding.
    • MediRaty, MediPay i MediKod – the common denominator is the financing of services for health in the broadest sense.
    • November: Debut of LM PAY S.A. on the German Stock Exchange in Düsseldorf Deutsche Börse Xetra