Our advantages

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Specialisation and many years of experience

We have been operating in the market continuously since 2010.

lm pay

More than 12,000 cooperating surgeries and clinics

Over 40,000 customers.

lm pay

Financing, instalments and deferred payments

+300 categories of medical, aesthetic, veterinary services.

lm pay

Comprehensive B2B services

Financial solutions, training, service, promotion.

How do we work?

We support the creation of relationships between the clinic and its clients

We bring together the interests of both groups and focus on providing tailored, modern, efficient and secure solutions and services.

  • Patients can get the treatments they need faster and without straining their household budget - thanks to access to dedicated financial services.
  • Clinic staff are not or minimally involved in the funding process, thanks to our technology solutions.

We provide a full range of ready-made financial products for patients

We target individual customers with solutions such as the MediRaty financing system and MediPay deferred payments. One of our goals is to reduce the time it takes to handle financing to a few seconds.

We provide our partners with state-of-the-art technology, training, tools and service at no cost.

The cooperating site is looked after directly by the regional manager and additional support is provided by the Online Supervisor.

We build relationships and are always at „arm’s length”

We support establishments of all sizes, all over the country. Our regional representatives and telephone consultants are available 12h a day and are happy to provide the information you need. We do not forget that human contact is of greater value than bot contact - both for the patient and the partner clinic.

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The mission

We are based on the belief that the doctor should be able to focus on treatment and the patient should not ruin the household budget. We believe that it is the right of every professional to concentrate on the activities for which he or she has been appointed and for which he or she is supremely competent. The patient’s right should be free choice and any barriers should be, as far as possible, removed or minimised. Especially when it comes to improving health, wellbeing and general welfare, financial issues should not be an obstacle. Payment methods should be convenient, simple and have flexibility.

We base our holistic market approach on 3 pillars:

Support professionals in their daily work

We equip surgeries and clinics with a no-cost, complete set of methods and tools that help them focus on providing their core services at the highest level, taking a number of additional tasks and paperwork off their shoulders.

LM Pay

Lifting barriers and restrictions

Attractive forms of financing allow clients to benefit from medical and aesthetic services exactly when they need them most.

LM Pay

Educate, provide choice and flexibility

We gain knowledge, share it, develop our methods, taking the clinic’s and client’s point of view.

LM Pay

We are guided by the classic thought:
„The whole is more than the sum of the parts”.