The aim of our technology efforts is to make the funding process as comfortable as possible for clinic patients.

Publication date: 07 2023

I have been advocating for years that instalment and deferred payment schemes should support both the business development of clinics and the relationship with patients.

Finally, if they can benefit from a broader treatment plan, it strengthens the bond with the brand.

Why is this a convenient solution for clinics?

Because most customer interactions are automated or handled by LM PAY S.A.’s online consultants. All the patient has to do is express an interest in using this form of payment and the clinic will enter their details into the relevant system.

In the case of the MediPay system, the verification and funding decision takes place directly at the clinic.

Some additional thoughts on the subject: LINK

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Compiled by: Jakub Czarzasty

Prezes Zarządu / CEO

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