Our priorities are data security and speed of funding decisions.

Publication date: 07 2023

When discussing instalment or deferred payment systems, a lot of time is spent on technological solutions that guarantee speed and convenience.

The fact is that with MediRat, verification and a decision on funding are made within 10 minutes, during a phone call with the patient.

In the case of MediPay, we have shortened this process to one minute.

It is also worth noting the high priority we give to data security and patient comfort. We do not collect any data beyond what is required of us by law.

We do not ask about the treatments we are expected to fund, as this is a matter for the clinic and the patient’s relationship with the doctor.

We just try to support doctors in their treatment and patients in managing their own budgets, so that they don’t have to give up anything.

Source: LinkedIn

Compiled by: Jakub Czarzasty

Prezes Zarządu / CEO

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